Care Tips and Advice For Pet Parents

Fortunately, there is so much that you can do to manage coprophagia. It’s all about time management, consistency and For-Bid™, an effective training aid for animals. Doing so, nonetheless, will necessitate daily management of your dog’s activities. After your Veterinarian has given you the go-ahead, you’ll need to realize that with patience, consistency and For-Bid™, a food additive and effective training aid, coprophagia can be easily discouraged. Think ahead and minimize the chances of your dog coming into contact with his stool, or eating another dog’s feces. Set him up for success from the beginning with For-Bid™.

  • Take your dog to the Veterinarian for a full check up.
  • Change Fido’s diet to a high quality dog food that’s easily digestible.
  • Feed small portions of high fiber dog food- 10% fiber, throughout the day.
  • Add For-Bid™ to Fido’s diet. You can now find us on Amazon.
  • Feed more dry food than wet food, since this has been known to curtail coprophagia.
  • Don’t allow your dog near his own feces, or those of other dogs.
  • Remove all stools immediately, most especially right after Fido’s had a bowel movement.
  • Use a muzzle when taking your dog out for a walk, so that he’s unable to eat his own stool, or those of another dog or animal.
  • Increase exercise time, and allow your dog to exercise off leash at the dog park with a muzzle on. Spend quality time with Fido, and enjoy doga classes, or even a canine pilates class with your pooch. Try Frisbee, agility classes, fly ball, or even canicross and canine paddle boarding. These activities allow for fun in your dog’s everyday life, and encourage Fido’s natural predisposition to chasing, catching, swimming, fetching and having fun. Keep your dog mentally stimulated, and make sure that his environment is one that is enriching at all times by providing him with interactive dog activities, adequate exercise, new forms of exercise, positive training, and canine reiki to relieve stress.

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