Tips From Veterinarians

For-Bid™ as a coprophagia training aid helps to discourage stool eating in dogs. If your dog is obsessed with this nasty habit, understand that most times this is a behavioral problem.

A Veterinary check-up is always recommended to rule out physical illness prior to starting For-Bid™. Keep in mind that vitamin and mineral deficiencies linked to an unhealthy diet may also contribute to your dog eating his poop. Checking the fiber content in your dog’s food enables dog-lovers to question whether it’s not excessively high.

Other factors such as gastrointestinal problems in your dog could hinder his ability to absorb the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. With that said, your dog would then find that eating his stool would be appetizing, since your dog’s feces would contain eliminated minerals and vitamins that have not been digested. Feeding Fido at different times every day would be reason enough for some dogs to eat their stool due to hunger. If your pooch is being treated with a steroid, please consult with your Veterinarian, since some steroid treatments can cause coprophagia in dogs.

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