After 47 years, I am hesitant to recommend any product but my experience with For-Bid is that it works, is non-invasive, is biodegradable and it is safe

Our nearly one year old puppy had decided it enjoyed eating our dogs poop….yuck. After using For-Bid, she stopped her nasty habit


No toxicity, good results, excellent palatability.

This product worked on my dog! She liked to graze through the cats litter and nothing I did stopped her until I fed this product to all my cats. Took a couple days but it started working. I also fed it to her as a precaution and she did not eat her own litter when she stopped eating the cats’. Did not use all of the order so have plenty for refresher and maintenance.

We gave the big dog 2/3 and the little dog one third of a packet two times a day. They were both rescue dogs with bad habits. Worked great. Gave for a while and the results seem to last. No more dog poo breath.

For the first time in 44 years, I witnessed adult horses eating their manure. I am certain that these horses were doing it due to boredom. They were horses that came in from a large pasture, to be stalled with a run. Within a month they started eating about 50% of their piles. Being a Vet. Tech. I knew about Forbid for dogs and cats. Someone told me that it has been used on horses. I ordered it and it does work. This vise is also learned. My horse who never did this, started doing it. I treated her for only 2 days. She stopped, but started back up a week later. I treated her 5 days, and she stopped. Completely. All the horses ate it with no problem.

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