Direct distributors who supply FOR-BID™ to Veterinarians in the U.S. & Canada

  • Animal Health International

  • Henry Schein Animal Health

  • Merritt Veterinary Supplies

  • Midwest Veterinary Supplies

  • MWI Veterinary Supply

  • Patterson Veterinary

  • Penn Veterinary Supply

  • Veterinary Hospitals Association

  • Victor Medical Company


FOR-BID™ can be found at Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics throughout the United States

Coprophagia symptoms and severity will vary, a Veterinary professional will help create a custom treatment plan for your pet’s unique needs.

Reputable supplier websites have a licensed Veterinarian on staff to answer questions and provide additional advice.


Alpar Laboratories is looking for international partners to distribute FOR-BID™ Coprophagia Deterrent

Ideal partners include veterinary product distributors and retail stores that reach large segments of the pet market within their home region.

Our goal is to provide treatment to the pets that need it. Take advantage of FOR-BID™ partner pricing and purchase FOR-BID™ to help your clients.